The construction /have something done/ is a special use of the passive voice with two different meanings. Click here to learn all about it. Here are two typical examples: 1) I have my business taken care of (= Somebody is taking care of my business).


have done ( third-person singular simple present has done, present participle having done, simple past and past participle had done ) ( intransitive) To reach an end. quotations . 1607, Antony Brewer (attributed), Lingua, or the Combat of the Five Senses for Superiority. Nay, if you begin to critic once, we shall never have done.

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Have done or has done

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I believe the only reason we have not seen a national catastrophe costing tens of thousands of  Where it's an interesting part of the phrase "she's done for you", there is used the verb HAVE, and, therefore, it may say "she has done for you! They did = De gjorde. PRESENT PERFECT TENSE: Perfekt. I have done = Jag har gjort. You have done = Du har gjort.

2. What I have done is due to patient thought. 3.

A suburban housewive, addicted to amphetamines, kills her husband and sells her son.

Thanks in advance, Saravanakumar. The “had done” form (or past perfect) is one of the least used tenses in English. We only really use it in the following situations. * When it's important to say which   Dec 28, 2017 have done : present perfect had done: past perfect · I have done some bad things .

Have done or has done

What does have-done mean? To reach an end; to finish (with). (verb)

3rd February 2004. maj. I think the previous poster means ' she OR he ' Just a typo made. 3rd February 2004. "I have done something" is correct. "I did something" is simple past tense. It means you performed the action at some time in the past and it is now complete.

These all use the auxiliary verb “have” (or other forms “has” or “had”). “Have done” is in the present perfect tense (“had done” is past perfect and “will have done” is future perfect). The meaning of the perfect aspect can be a little complex. One way of thinking of its meaning is the sense of “prior.” ← Learn English for everyday life with your free PDF Lessons ← Ask Alisha your question now!
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Have done or has done

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Activate your free month of lessons (special offer for new users, with no obligation to buy) - and receive a level assessment! 2012-05-11 · Generally, when people have completed a work job or task, they say "It is done". "It is done" is the passive form of "I do it ". I feel that the people have to say "It has been done".Because "It has been done" is.
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Vi leka . Hast thou had it ? Have you had any bread ? I have not had any . Have they had any raspberries ? What have you done ? I have done nothing . Has the 

The very famous portuguese designer Nelo has done a very light and fast  Made in polyethylene and weighing only 22Kg, this is the perfect boat for any condition and I've owned a NELO Navigator in E construction for a year now. MASTER KG HAS DONE IT AGAIN FT THE TWO MOST TALENTED FEMALE VOCALISTS IN SOUTH AFRICA, ZANDA ZAKUZA AND  Essum AB, founded 1989 in Umeå has done research, development, clinical studies and production of probiotics for Functional Foods, Food Supplements,  hasn't done well in the past.

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One got a gearbox cooler, one have been tuned (the first Nismo in Europe with It´s an old customer of ours that owns it and we´ve done a lot of work on the car 

Completed in the past, prior to the simple past "act" of being allowed. Note that the simple present of "to have," third person singular, is "has." He has done his homework. The "done" remains in the base form, and does not change.